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The Rockland County chapter of DBSA was founded in 2006 by Leslie Freeman Davis. Leslie is among the many diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. A native of Chicago, as the world moved into the new century, Leslie moved to Rockland County, New York where the new century brought with it new possibilities. “In my healing journey it was, and is, important for me to do something that is fulfilling to me.” In her search for wellness, after attending DBSA meetings in Westchester and New Jersey, Leslie decided to apply her extensive management and leadership skills and founded the Rockland County Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. “Being able to give back to others who have experienced similar pain was my need for fulfillment.”

Since it’s inception in November of 2006 the chapter has grown from an half dozen members meeting in a small room at the Mental Health Association to over 50 people every Thursday evening, some of the members veterans of many years. With regular attendance so high, and new guests at nearly every meeting, R-DBSA has outgrown it’s current accommodations at St.John’s Episcopal Church in New City, NY. This marks the fourth move for R-DBSA to it’s new home, Jawonio in New Hempstead, NY.

“I have so much to offer…” Leslie currently serves as Co-president of R-DBSA, Co-president of NYS-DBSA, was honored by DBSA National this year with the Outstanding Leadership Award, and Co-President of the Mental Health Coalition, all a consummate testament to her commitment and passion toward mental wellness and DBSA and it’s mission.